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November 28, 2003

MIT Lecture notes on memes

Link: MIT Cog Sci Lecture Notes

What the network might look like

OPTE Project mapping the internet

Meme Q&A

On my confusion concerning how question memes propagate.

Meme Recap

On where I've got to with memes and where I should probably go

November 27, 2003

Mr O'Reilly's Meme Maps

On meme maps, and the importance of understanding people to people (P2P) networks.

Non-Scientific Memes

Memes are fairly common concepts in the world of blogs, and they tend to be receptor/phenotype free. David Gagne has put down the bloggers definition:meme: any expression (usually the smallest/shortest possible) that can convey meaning; an idea, behavior, style, or...

Real Live Memes

Link to some homebrew research on meme propagation.

Problems with Memes

On four of the problems with memes: ambiguity, Lamarck, Ockham's Razor, and the self.

Replicator Definition

On replicators, bodypopping, and why grandma knew that anyway.

Meme Definition

On memes, how Dawkins defines them, and how they propagate

Mr Carlyle

On why this blog is not a phenomenon, and some tentative ideas for what it might be.