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Updating Movable Type

Fingers crossed ...


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testing comments ...

Hurrah! Am firmly counting chickens ... :)

Oh, keep us posted on how it goes, I'm contemplating the leap myself. What's the upside for you ?

Hi Johnnie,

Seems to have been a breeze (touch wood) - no archive/template problems, which was my main worry. [MT keeps all your originals, though it doesn;t say that in the literature, not v. helpfully]

Upside was partly practical, partly just keeping up to date. The practical was my beginning to install MT here at Templeton and trying to get some of the people here using it - I thought it made sense to know what the new options were. The keeping up to dat was mainly for plugins and the like. I don't have enough server load to really justify the need for dynamic publishing, but things like subcat's seemed like "a good thing to have".

Add to that a general stockholm syndrome when it comes to new toys, and that's pretty much it :)

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