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Introducing .... The Pragmatic Web

In The Mathematical Theory of Communication, Warren Weaver and Claude Shannon (whom Autonomy helped make famous) highlight 3 levels of communication problems:

Level A: The technical problem.How accurately can the symbols of communication be transmitted?
Level B: The semantic problem. How precisely do the transmitted symbols convey the desired meaning?
Level C: The effectiveness problem. How effectively does the received meaning affect conduct in the desired way?

They map neatly on to three semiotic distinctions of Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics.

A. Syntax
= Grammar and the forms of language
B. Semantics= Syntax + "Meaning"
C. Pragmatics = Semantics + Context

We've got the TCP/IP, the internet/Web (level A). We're getting the Semantic Web (level B). And I want the Pragmatic Web (level C).

Because that's where the problem of effectiveness starts getting addressed.

[UPDATE: I want, never gets ...]


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Wow, context. So your browser comes an accessory to your brain, continuously context seeking. Everything in context.

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