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Hit Maps

This looks like a neat tool from the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute [found via Marc Eisenstadt, who's guesting at Stowe Boyd's Get Real]. The map below should show all the locations of people accessing Monkeymagic. [If it doesn't then you won't know because you aren't reading this!]


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Always great to see more HitMaps users!! Just a thought, though: since your map appears to be indexed via http://www.monkeymagic.net/blog, the count will only continue to get 'bumped up' automatically as long as the map itself is visible on that very page... so when it 'scrolls off' back into your archive your counts will flatten artificially; solution/workaround is to place the map in the blog gutter and make sure the gutter is itself the same as what comes up on the URL that you have chosen to index via the map ... hope that's clear as mud! Many thanks ;-) - Marc

Thanks Marc! didn't think of that (obviously). Have moved the map to the sidebar, and watching it eagerly for my first hit from the Antarctic - as you do :)

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