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Over at Functioning Form, Luke ties a number of things together and muses about what he calls Web-log Continuum Sparklines[Thanks to Foe's del.icio.us feed for this]

A simple Web-log post continuum sparkline could plot the current post a reader is viewing, the previous posts it references, and the later posts that reference it. This paints a picture of where the current post originated (what ideas it draws from), and where it went (how those ideas evolved).

I love the idea of organising posts in a more topic-oriented way , but while I'm exceedingly tantalised, (Mr Kipling), by the grace of these little sparklines, I'm not sure they'll give me enough of what I want ... what are hot topics among friends I know/colleagues I respect/feeds I subscribe to etc. Still, it's very much a step in the right direction and almost certainly larger than I think!


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