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Good feedback & thoughts for another workshop

Two quite-possibly-biased individuals have said some nice things about the PKM workshop (They were both involved on one level).

Sami Kazi, over at KnowledgeBoard, notes that

I was one of the participants at the interesting PKM workshop. With a turnout of about 50 active participants, engaging in dialogue through the open space method, it was fun trying to digest the views, concerns, and perspectives of all those in the room. As mentioned on the front page of KnowledgeBoard, a workshop report will soon come through followed by a summary of the many take aways from the workshop. My sincere thanks to the organisers and participants for not only making it an engaging experience (one of the best at KM Europe as noted by many) but for setting the groundwork for what I am sure will be an interesting conversation. :)
And Lloyd Davis (in a comment on Lilia's blog)
"...for those who weren't there, people were saying it was the best bit of the conference and why wasn't the rest of it just like this."
Anyway, that sort of feedback and some old thoughts from John Seely Brown's keynote in Amsterdam, re art, attention, and groups, got me thinking about trying to organise something in Oxford. I already vaguely talked it over with Lilia and Florian at the Oz bar, but it's now beginning to seem achievable. (Ton, are you interested? :)

Ideally what I think might be useful is to try to get some different spins on the same problem, rather than a whole load of KMers just saying that there are different spins e.g. anthropology, sociology etc.

It would be great to get some interesting/interested execs/consultants, some researchers from the IT camp (like Brown and less famous ones!) and some researchers from the Arts camp (like Theodore Zeldin, some rhetoric people, some film people - might have to dredge up some Film School ties) - anyway, get them all in a room, and run a series of talks, workshops, though perhaps slightly more structured than Open Space.

Any one even vaguely interested?


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could you start a page at PKM wiki with those ideas? So we have one point of reference...


Hi Lilia
Yup - going to be adding that and some other stuff on the wiki this weekend
(For anyone who's interested the wiki is at:
http://wiki.knowledgenetworker.net - and it's about Personal Knowledge Management etc - and the more the merrier!)

Oh yes! I would certainly be interested.

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