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RSS in 3 Dimensions

Does anyone remember putting on those clunky helmets and being demo-ed some VRML? Wasn't that long ago. And I generally thought it was underwhelming to say the least. Dick Costolo of Feedburner looks to be revisiting VRML with a bang. As he says

"In my continuing artistic endeavor to bring you the best combinations of the retro and the leading edge, I am pleased to announce the world's first VRML RSS reader, NewsWorld."
And if you want to know what it might look like, below is a screenshot from the pre-alpha release.

Very sweet. You could geo-locate (albeit in VRML) virtual "community" clusters. Much like the "my mom works over there" idea.

[Thanks Anil for the pointer]


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Funny that. VRML was dead I thought, but just last week in Sweden we came across Traveler, and now this.

See http://www.zylstra.org/blog/archives/001495.html for more on Traveler

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