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If you can't afford to go to the Bahamas this winter ...

... to beat the winter blues, then here is a cheaper alternative. Go to one Mr Weinberger's Site's, and get the Quicktime video of his recent talk. It's 87.3 MB, but well worth it. It's about cracks in the foundations of knowledge, it's likeable, it's full of gems, and it is pure sunshine.

Euan [thanks for the tip] has already said that he would

"carry it with me everywhere in my Powerbook as a tonic when I find my spirits flagging"
and that's very wise advice. Or you could make your family watch it instead of the Queen's speech.

[Update: forgot to add link to Euan's blog - feel very rude - now fixed]


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Made my day. Thanks, Piers!

Articles and resources about bahamas

Thanks Jenna! - will bear it in mind :)

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