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February 27, 2004

Echo Chambers & Rhetoric

Hairy Eyeball on Echo Chambers and Rhetoric"Echo chambers exist. If you don't think so, subject yourself to the comments section of Little Green Footballs sometime, or watch some Fox News. And it takes some work to swim against this current....

Commonplace ignorance

On commonplaces as a medieval precursor to blogs

February 26, 2004

Write like you speak

On how we use different parts of our brains for writing and for speaking, and what that might mean for blogs as conversations.

Writing across the lines

On a grandmother's advice to a conventional child

February 25, 2004


On audioblogs, and a starter for ten

February 24, 2004

When Scarcity is a Useful Resource

On how creativity might be hindered by too much information

February 23, 2004

Housekeeping: RSS 2.0

Address for RSS 2.0 feed

February 22, 2004

Friends, Bloggers, Countrymen

On rhetoric and how Cicero might have advised bloggers

February 20, 2004

Haristotle Potter

On a new translation of Harry Potter

Houston, we have a problem. Or a difficulty.

Bad news I think... If two groups of people construct thesauri in a particular subject area, the overlap of index terms will only be 60%. Two indexers using the same thesaurus on the same document use common index terms in...

February 17, 2004

Listening and Anecdotes

On why you shouldn't just read, but actively read blogs.

February 16, 2004

Tea & the Four Elements

On the four elements of groupwork - social glue, relaxing, structuring work and helping - that seem to be the key to the importance of the tea break.

War, Peace & Knowledge

On the four types of knowledge behaviour

Poisoned Chalices

On why those who want to share aren't always the experts

February 15, 2004

Coffee & Categories

On how seventeenth century coffee-houses may have something to teach us about the way we blog

February 14, 2004

Lost in States

On where have they put Saddam?

February 13, 2004

Note to Self

On remembering how to spell

February 11, 2004

Excuse Me, Admiral

On new research has shown that multi-tasking is counterproductive

February 10, 2004

Relevance Theory

On relevance theory and my beginning to understand it.

Furl & del.icio.us

On easy shareable bookmarks

February 9, 2004

Participatory Journalism

On a new media model for news hounds

Kirsh & Cognitive Overload

On cognitive overload as opposed to information overload, and some related thoughts

Useful PIM Bibliography

A useful list for getting to grips with Personal Information Management

February 7, 2004

London Bloggers

Nice find by John Moore (or his friend). Either way London Bloggers seems like a neat resource, allowing you to find which bloggers are based at tube stations near you. John found fifteen other bloggers near him. I found one...

Sleeping with the Devil

On the social network of bestselling political books.

February 3, 2004

If you ain't got that swing ...

On the "anthroscope" - a tool to help you transmit your mood

Hello (Familiar) Stranger

On Milgram's Familiar stranger and the backlash against YASNs

Blog Jazz

On the use of moods to communicate in blogs

February 2, 2004

Keirsey Temperament

On my being ripe for Field Marshaldom ... erm ...

Human View of Knowledge

On our temperaments defining our views of knowledge

Hares imply Tortoises

On slowness

A couple of finds

On Circadian Shift and Meskill's Knowledge notes