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Hey Piers,
If you are interested in Psychology without the pathology.. you should definitely check out the work of Martin Seligman... and his fast growing school of "positive psychology"


...is an interesting overview.



Sick psychology Piers ?

I'm aware of the standard criticisms of Maslow (many blog references to him) in that he studied people who were already professionally / intellectually advantaged, and didn't really cover a representative section of humanity ....

... but I still find his framework pretty convincing against many similar models ...

I'd be genuinely interested where you got your reaction from ? The Maslow Meme is a subject in itself.



Jason: thanks for the pointer - will definitely have a look!

Ian: By "sick psychology", I wasn't meaning to do Maslow down - I was just trying to say that his approach, focusing on "well" people and seeing what their psychological make-ups were like seemed a more sensible approach to establishing e.g. mental well-being than focusing on sick people. This latter course, which as I understand it Maslow *didn't* follow, seems to lead to "sick psychology". So I think I'm with you on this one?

Ah gotcha Piers,

I see - I was reading irony into you listing Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt after "sick people"

Which clearly you weren't - phew - my mistake.

(Sorry - I'm just particularly sensitive to Maslow as a "meme" I'm watching.)

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