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It's a small world ...

On Friday, at a surprise birthday for an old friend John Foster-Hill, I met Dan Dixon again. What a nice bloke! Anyway, had met him a couple of times before but never made the link that he was into social software/online communities etc. (He works on the Beeb's communities). Had an interesting chat about various things (healthily, not all social software related) and having looked him up just now, found his blog at http://www.digitaldust.org. More stylish than mine but hey ... envy won't stop me reading it ;)


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I can point you to where I stole the templates :) Template theft as an art form... not the rehacking of them, just who and where one stole templates from. I had a good little chain of template hacks when I stole (asked for) and repurposed a design from purselipsquirejaw.com then had a chinese manufacturing company take my HTML and reuse it, complete with my meta data as their website. Got me a lot of weird attention from chinese search engines.

Heh - think I'm safe from theft then ;)

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