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The Pragmatic Web - Part Deux

Last October, I wrote a short plea for the Pragmatic Web and ended it with a slightly sulky "I want never gets". I thought it was a little far fetched, given how much (and how unproven) there is yet to do research-wise on the Semantic Web. But user-driven context, tailoring web services to an individual or a groups' view of the world and what needs to be done, is a big, important, difficult problem.

Anyway, I just saw this and felt all warm about the world:

Seems that Aldo (as well as being able to put together natty diagrams) has been doing some fascinating work along similar lines. This is from his recent exploratory paper [pdf]

"Moving the research focus from semantics to pragmatics, from representing to using meaning, is the next step on the way to network applications that help communities of people realize their full collaborative potential."
Couldn't agree more!


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