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Personal tagging

"Oh, Lazyweb, I am curious to know: Has anyone come up with a tagging tool for personal use?"
- asks Jack
And he gets the "use a Mac" response, which is fine, but kind of a costly solution. Anyway, there's a more general issue here I think. Currently, services like del.icio.us seem very much tied to, well, del.icio.us. And it's a little like the first generation, punch-card based, everyone-jostle-round-the-big-IBM-mainframe machine era.

It's a curiously un-networked approach, in many ways - one big library of everybody's dog-ears and annotations and you.

Doesn't, at least intuitively, a microcomputer metaphor make more sense? Your own personal set of tags, a facility for integrating those tags with whichever group you're engaging with, and then perhaps the del.icio.us public service?



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