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Social Computing and the Organisation day

Thought I'd give a quick plug to a Seminar on Social Computing & The Organisation that I'm organising in Oxford on October 7th.

Feel free to come if you're interested (or let me know what sort of things might be useful if you want to track it from afar). There are some interesting, clever and fun people coming so far - both speakers and "delegates". I'm looking forward to it.

In fact, the only dark cloud over my excitement is that I can't think of a better word for "delegates" or "attendees". Somehow doesn't express how important they are :(


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How about 'guests', 'participants', 'engagees'. OK enough of the collective politesse, on an individual basis, I shall still be pleased to be called simply "My lord", or "Your Most Excellent Holiness" if other people are within earshot.

Yes, your grace. Of course, your worshipfulness ;)

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