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Social Computing and the Organisation

That's it ... event done. It was a little nerve-racking, as doing anything is for the first time things is I suppose. And I certainly fluffed the intro. But at least am beginning to get some ideas making it better next time around.

Running around before going off on my holidays to Morocco for a couple of weeks, so don't have time to put my scrappy notes in order. From what I can see,
Lloyd has posted some typically great notes on the talks, and Theodore spurred Euan into action. There'll be mp3's of them when I get back, so I'll post those then.

[If the summaries of Theodore's talk make you want more, you should definitely read Conversation: How talk can change your life - he's one of those rare academics with a first-class brain, and a clear, jargon-free way of explaining the thoughts that come out of it]

Actually managed to relax and enjoy the dinner. We had "Conversational Menus", written by Theodore - essentially questions to spur richer conversations. And it works. Once you've started being open with someone, and that's listening as well as talking, it's hard to switch back to being guarded. Even for me ...

As Theodore said, if you give a lot, you get a lot back. It's a risk, but one worth taking.

Put another way perhaps, openness is the only way to a sustainable advantage.


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