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Well, it's been a long while, and it feels a little odd posting again. Lots has happened - career change into teaching being the main one - but have still been keeping up with various feeds.

Had a bit of a fatigue, a little like Ed's with his "collaboro-competing Web 2.0" consultants. And felt I was tub-thumping more than thinking, much to my annoyance.

Anyroad. Onwards and sideways.

Turns out my nephew Oliver (5 years old) loves computers, the internet, anything gadgety. And he calls all of this not "IT", but "E".

Which makes it a little awkward when he booms out "Mum, when are we going to get more E?"


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Hi Piers,
Welcome back! Looking forward to hear about the changes in your life.

About bloody time ;) welcome back !

Thanks chaps :)

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