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Little Legends - any feedback gratefully received

Little Legends is a newish, free service for parents and carers in the UK. A while ago, my sister and I were discussing how hard it was for her to find anywhere useful and good for mums (schools, late night chemists and the like). As a solution, I've hit the Ruby books, scratched my head a fair bit, and developed Little Legends with her.

Essentially, it's a mix of a wiki, directory a social bookmarking site and maps. Something that Will Davies said a while back sums it up really:

"ICT can localise and delocalise communication; our public discussions can descend upon places, and then depart, and then descend again, like a stone skimming across a lake."
What we're trying to do, in our own small way, is to help parents, carers and people with kids to look after skim those stones more easily. [If you want a more in depth explanation of the thinking behind it, you might want to have a look here.]

Like all these things, it's by no means a finished article. There's more coming in the way of helping mums actually connect with each other (groups, messaging and the like). Anyway, I'd love to hear any feedback you have so we can find out what we're doing wrong, what we could improve, and where we're on the right track.

And of course, if you think it's at all useful for anyone you know, do pass it on.



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Hi Piers,
I already wondered what LittleLegends was, when I saw a link appearing in my Technorati links. Good initiative!

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