February 23, 2007


Well, it's been a long while, and it feels a little odd posting again. Lots has happened - career change into teaching being the main one - but have still been keeping up with various feeds. Had a bit of...

April 4, 2006


Right - the end of my self-imposed 3 month no blogging stint is over. And am looking forward to seeing what's changed, if anything, around these parts....

November 18, 2005

Subject index

... am in the middle of updating my woefully inadequate categories with subject indexes. Didn't finish it last night, so the tags at the bottom of some of the posts may not behave totally correctly ......

October 25, 2005

Design guru

Well not quite. But am playing around with the styles and templates after an upgrade to 3.2 so things might look a bit wangy in between lunch breaks......

October 24, 2005

Wasted Sweetness

Back from a great two weeks of reading, relaxing, exploring, mint tea and fearless driving in Morocco. A week ago I was a couple of miles outside Merzouga, in the desert, under a full moon, and staying in a Berber...

August 26, 2005

Off to Cornwall

Hope everyone (in the UK) has a good bank holiday - off to Sennen for crab, wine, reading, walks, and absolutely no surfing....

August 24, 2005

Skype and Google and Bottoms

With genius timing: I install natty little button via Jyve/Skype on my blog; I read that Google is gunning for Skype, and I sit on my skype headset thingy and break it....

June 3, 2005

Slimming the feed back down

Have just scrapped my short experiment with fat feeds. My bloglines citations page was getting full of me mentioning me mentioning me. Which was as tedious online as off. Now have an eye on Jack Vinson's approach to see how...

June 1, 2005

My name's Chubby and I wanna be your friend ...

Have set up a "fat feed" - which should give entries, comments, and trackbacks - if anyone's interested. To stop it being a spam-bucket, I've switched all comments to moderated, but basically that means that bank loans, poker sites and...

January 17, 2005

Self-Linking and Self-Love


November 19, 2004

Back in the saddle

Normal service resuming

October 13, 2004

Hit Maps

On where y'all are (or at least where I am)

September 24, 2004

Updating Movable Type

Upgrade notice: MT2.661 to 3.1

June 2, 2004

Apologies to any RSS readers

On my being a schmuck

May 24, 2004

Dec 03 posts

Uploading some ......

URL Change

Change of address might save you hours of typing

May 20, 2004

Spluttering back into life

Resuscitation plans and thanks to Johnie Moore and Matt Whyndham.

April 8, 2004

Written in stone

Bit surprised by this - very pleasantly so, but surprised nonetheless. Wikipedia's entry on commonplaces quotes me as a reference. Hmmm....

February 23, 2004

Housekeeping: RSS 2.0

Address for RSS 2.0 feed

February 13, 2004

Note to Self

On remembering how to spell

February 7, 2004

London Bloggers

Nice find by John Moore (or his friend). Either way London Bloggers seems like a neat resource, allowing you to find which bloggers are based at tube stations near you. John found fifteen other bloggers near him. I found one...

December 9, 2003

Apologies for the New Design

On my poor artistic sense showing itself

November 28, 2003

Meme Recap

On where I've got to with memes and where I should probably go

November 27, 2003

Mr Carlyle

On why this blog is not a phenomenon, and some tentative ideas for what it might be.